Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Quickie

So I'm watching TV this evening and here comes a commercial for some version of Crest toothpaste. So they're shilling all about it's great success with scuzzy, funky teeth and to demonstrate how successful it is they employ a CARTOON, an ANIMATED demonstration of a toothbrushful of the Crest successfully removing green slime (not kidding, it was green) from the CARTOON teeth. OK, I get that no human who actually has GREEN shit on their teeth would be in decent enough shape otherwise to allow for an actual live action demonstration of Crest removing said green from otherwise white teeth. If they've got green on their teeth they're probably a) largely missing most of the rest of them; green on one's teeth is never a good sign; and b) the ones that are left are probably mostly brownish-grey.

So there it is, CLEARLY a CARTOON ANIMATION of toothbrushing-away-the-slime. It's all good until I notice that underneath the CARTOON activity there's a printed disclaimer that says: "DRAMATIZATION". Really, Crest? Really? I'm guessing that the people who need to be told that what they're watching, that is to say, the CARTOON that they're watching is a DRAMATIZATION, probably can't read the word DRAMATIZATION and if they can phonetically sound it out they don't know what the fuck DRAMATIZATION means. When we need to tell viewers that an ANIMATED toothbrush scraping away green slime from CARTOON teeth is a DRAMATIZATION, well then, I think we'd all better just hang it up. Even more disturbing is that I'm watching TV at the same time that this majorly disoriented, r-tard demographic is also watching. Time to seriously re-evaluate my leisure time activities. Fo rill.

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